Unlike most hair products, which make your hair look good temporarily, Essentious actually improves the health and condition of our hair over time. With each use, you will see improvement of your hair. It will become more manageable, smoother, shinier, stronger, and more hydrated. You will need less styling products to give your hair a sleek and lustrous look because your hair will naturally look healthy.

How does Essentious do this? By giving your hair what it needs to be healthy. Unlike most products that contain sulfates, heavy silicones, mineral oil, and petroleum, Essentious uses natural and organic ingredients to nurture your hair to optimal health. It does not coat your hair to give it the appearance of health, it actually improves the your hair so it looks healthy naturally.

Essentious products are Aloe Vera based for optimal scalp and hair health. Aloe Vera has been long known and used in the Native American populations of North America and the Caribbean to keep hair healthy. Known to help heal damage on the scalp, balance the pH level, help regulate sebaceous function and maintain the proper balance in the scalp, which can help with hair health.

Essentious products naturally balance the pH of your hair for optimal health. The healthy pH of hair is between 4 and 7. If pH is too high, it can leave the cuticle open and susceptible to damage. If the pH is too low, it can make hair dry and cause breakage. Maintaining a healthy pH level is vital to hair health.



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